7 Resources to Help You Own Your Political Power!

After the election of Doug Jones to the United States Senate, many Americans issued a collective “Thank You”  to Black Women in Alabama.  These sheroes chose Jones over Moore by a whopping 98% and delivered the historic victory.

Black women are on a roll but we cannot lose momentum.  Our path to electoral success this fall depends on our skill as candidates, donors, voters, grassroots organizers, poll drivers, campaign workers, strategists, analysts and more!  By staying on our game and leading in future elections, we can elect representatives who will protect and expand our interests.  In addition, by continuing to show up before, during, and after the elections, we’ll strengthen our political muscles and build our voting bloc!

Below are answers to questions and resources to help you OWN your political power and get fully involved in local, state and federal politics this November and beyond.  We hope it helps!

Q1: What are midterm elections? What is the impact of these elections for my county, city, state and the country?

We got you!  Read 5 ways the 2018 midterms could change American politics: What’s really at stake in this year’s elections.  Also, be sure to check out this post by BlackHer Co-Founder, Angela Dorn on why the midterms matter so much for Black women.  Looking for specifics on how the midterm elections are shaping up in your state?  Go here.

Q2: How can I learn about the issues and determine what will be on the ballot before the election?

Vote411 and Ballotpedia can help you be an informed voter and help you gain a greater understanding of the issues at stake in your state.

Q3: How can I be sure that I’m registered to vote and that I know my polling place?

Headcount makes is REALLY easy to check your voter registration status online.  Simply identify your state and select ‘GO.’

Q4: I’m not registered to vote yet, what should I do?

Registering to vote is easy to do using Choose the state in which you reside and click the ‘Find out how to register’ button!

Q5: Does my state offer early voting? Can I vote early or complete an absentee ballot?

Yes!  Check the calendar using this site.

Q6: What is a primary vote? Does my state have open or closed primaries? When will primary votes be held in my state?

The National Conference of State Legislatures provides a list of the 2018 State Primary Election and Runoff Dates (where applicable). Check them out!

Q7: I’m excited to volunteer in the upcoming elections? What is the procedure to become a poll worker? How do I sign up?

See this site for information.

Email with any other questions you have about the upcoming primaries and fall midterms.  We’re here to help!

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