Being Well While Black

Good Grief: Dealing as a Community With Complex, Compound, Cyclical Loss – and Learning to Seize Hope – that’s a helluva title, isn’t it? This is how clinical psychologist Diane Kern and transformation coach Valarie Davis describe what Black people are collectively going through at this moment in our history – characterized by COVID-19. They are hosting a series of video conferences to help folks create meaning out of this complex, compound, cyclical loss, and learn how to use that meaning to sustain ourselves. 

The programs are looking at our present grief through the following lenses: 

  • The Cultural Context for Coping with Crisis
  • Loss of Family & Friends
  • Loss of Financial Fitness
  • Loss of Faith & Future

The new series is taking place on Wednesdays from 8—9 p.m. on Zoom. They’re calling it “Being Well While Black.”

Kern and Davis have assembled a powerful group of mental health and spiritual health professionals to dispense crucial wisdom on the four topic areas and to answer viewers’ questions.  Sign up to hear from a bereavement counselor, a youth counselor, a social worker, a trauma counselor, and a minister; as well as an epidemiologist and a financial advisor. 

Dr. Kern runs a therapy practice in Washington, DC, and is the founder of Happy and Healthy U: Learn to Love Life and Live Well, a wellness program that helps people learn to boost their happiness and mental wellness, demystify mental health, and practice strategies for healthy living.

“To be our healthiest selves it’s important to validate our pain and stress – and how that pain negatively impacts us,” said Dr. Kern. “Then we must lean in to our desire, and feel deserving and capable of feeling good, and being well.”

Valarie Davis is a serial entrepreneur who operates Blossom, Inc., a nonprofit business development and coaching program that equips, supports, and accelerates the progress of women and girls. She is also a preacher’s daughter.

“This is a faith walk like no other,” said Davis. “We are committed to giving space and time to African Americans to talk about what’s happening – but in the context of hope, and the context of faith.”

The collaborators were compelled to create the series because of the outcry for emotional and mental health support from people who feel like they are losing everything – and are at the end of their rope.

Register for Being Well While Black and join the healing conversation on how to achieve whole-life wellness even amidst a crisis. Alternatively, email to or to participate.

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