Black Women Rock the Congressional Black Caucus

The Congressional Black Caucus’ Annual Legislative Caucus (the “CBC Caucus”) was last week and BlackHer was in the house.  This very important event is our opportunity to share our policy priorities with our legislators.  It’s also a lot of fun!  Below are highlights from the event.

Black Women are in the House!

There were thousands of Black women at the CBC Caucus and we are all in on the 2018 midterms.  In fact, many of us are calling 2018, the year of the Black woman!  We don’t know if the moment or year will last but right now, it feels incredible.

We are committed to voting and to encouraging others to register to vote.  Many Black women are also supporting the three Black candidates for governor with all the “treasure” they can spare.  In short, we’re doing our part to Vote, Volunteer, and GiVVVe this election season.

Speaking of giving and using our treasure to increase our representation, our friends at Collective PAC held a CBC Caucus fundraiser, called History Makers (see photo above) in support of Stacey Abrams (GA), Andrew Gillum (FL), and Ben Jealous (MD) who are poised to make history by becoming governors of their respective states.  The event raised $100,000 for the three campaigns.

Ms. Abrams and Mr. Jealous gave remarks and the first lady of Tallahassee, Ms. R. Jai Gillum also spoke eloquently in her husband’s staid.

In explaining why she is running for Governor of Georgia, our girl Stacey spoke for all the candidates when she said,

“Governors can be the architects of evil or the architects of greatness.  They set the agenda for their states and have a significant impact on the lives of their citizens.”

That’s why we need excellent progressive Black governors running our states and protecting our rights and interests along with everybody else’s!

As I thought about this dynamic trio, I had to pinch myself.  In addition to electing the first Black woman governor in the history of the United States, we have the opportunity to elect THREE, COUNT ‘EM THREE, Black governors.  Let’s go make history!

Black Girls Eat

Everyone knows that Black folks’ convenings always end with food.  And, it’s no different at the CBC!  On Sunday, Black Girls Vote and Color Vision, two organizations that are all about empowering Black women and supporting our civic engagement, sponsored Dope Black Girls Brunch.  And, it was dope!

BlackHer Shero, Stefanie Brown James, co-founder of Collective PAC, and Marilyn Mosby, state’s attorney for Baltimore, shared their advice.

Ms. James urged Black women to believe in, support, and value each other. Ms. Mosby, the prosecutor who charged six Baltimore police officers with several crimes in connection with the death of Freddie Gray, said when it comes to social change, we are the ones we are waiting for.  In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., she asked,

“If not us, who? If not now, when?”

Ms. Mosby also said, that as women, a lot of our confidence starts with the man or woman that we love.  “We (Black women) have so much potential.  We have to find partners who will push us beyond our expectations for ourselves.” Amen!

At the end of the brunch Nykidra (Nyki) Robinson, founder of Black Girls Vote, told the attendees to get loose and connect with each other.  She reminded us that “it’s not about competition; it’s about collaboration.”  We got it!

My dope Black friend and I were blown away by what we heard.  The Black women at the CBC reminded us that Black women can do anything!  We’re ready.  Let’s go make history.




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