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Thursday, June 17, at 1–3pm ET

It will take all of us to secure freedom for Black women, but we are the best authority on a better future. That’s why BlackHer and Liberation in a Generation are bringing together Black women leaders for a two-hour, two-panel summit to (re)imagine and advance our economic liberation.

Rooted in Janelle Jones’s “Black Women Best” framework, the Black Women’s Economic Liberation Summit will elevate the pathways to structural change that are necessary to advance wealth-building opportunities for Black women.

Join us ahead of Juneteenth 2021 and RSVP today.


Janelle Jones, US Department of Labor

Janelle Jones

Janelle Jones

Panel 1: Advancing Economic Liberation

Featuring: Tracey Corder, Action Center on Race and the Economy, Michelle Holder, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Anne Price, Insight Center, Kendra Bozarth, Liberation in a Generation

Tracey Corder

Michelle Holder

Anne Price

Kendra Bozarth

Panel 2: Guaranteeing Black Women Best

Featuring: Nikitra Bailey, Center for Responsible Lending, Andreanecia Morris, Housing NOLA, Cassandra Welchlin, Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable, Solana Rice, Liberation in a Generation

Nikitra Bailey

Andreanecia Morris

Cassandra Welchlin

Solana Rice

Upon registration, please share your vision for a world in which Black women have and hold liberation within the economy and throughout our society.

  • How will we know when Black women are free?
  • What is your vision for a world in which wealth inequality has been uprooted and eradicated?
  • What does the economic liberation of Black women look like?
  • How does it feel?

Please RSVP here

Solana Rice

“We need to build a Liberation Economy where all people have their basic needs – clean air, water, food, etc. – met. Where everyone has access to health care, safe affordable housing, and a basic income.”

Solana Rice