#BlackHer Roundup_February 9

Advancing Black women’s personal, political and economic power. That’s what we’re all about at #BlackHer. And we believe change starts by telling our own stories, first.

Thus, if you haven’t seen it yet, you must catch Step by Amanda Lipitz. This documentary about the first graduating class of the awesomeness that is Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, had us crying and cheering for these “Lethal Ladies” who literally worked their asses off and ALL made it to college.

Side note: If you have ever been skeptical about the transformative power of art and sports to advance change, this documentary will change your mind.

On a political tip, we are hoping beyond hope that 2018 is the year of Black Women. Much gratitude to Luvvie Ajayi (@Luvvie) who put together this database of 400 (Yes! You read that right.) 400 of our sisters who are running for office in 2018!

If you haven’t done it yet, please pick 3 Black women to support in 2018 and make a monthly donation to her campaign.  As always, CASH will be king this election cycle as we fight to turn our country right-side up. P.S. Don’t tell. But we’re cooking up a #BlackHer2018 campaign for this summer.  Stay tuned!

In economic news, we’re learning as much as we can these days about raising capital for our very own #BlackWomanOwned company.

Interested in learning along with us?

We’ve got our eye on Maya Venture Partners.  They invest in high growth companies led by exceptional women of color founders and run the Harriet Fund, an early stage venture fund and the Harriet Angels Syndicate, a seed stage angel syndicate. [Clapping sound!]

In or near Atlanta?  Check out Power Rising Summit: Building an Agenda for Black Women on February 22 – 25! Kudos to the event organizing team for building a conference that everyone can afford. Not able to attend, consider making a donation to sponsor someone else!

Finally, did we mention that Mary J. Blige may win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Mudbound? Yass!  I know you’ve seen Mudbound.  Right?!

In love and solidarity,

Angela & Jocelyn

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