Getting to Know You: Your BlackHer Survey Results

Dear Readers,

Thank you for filling out BlackHer’s first subscriber survey!  We are flattered that you took time out of your busy schedules to help BlackHer get better!  As promised, we are sharing a run-down of survey highlights. Let’s get started!

1. We asked if you identified as a Black woman

  • 94% of you said, “Yes”
  • 6% of you said, “No”

We expected as much.  We are glad to have a wonderful audience of Black women readers, as well as other readers who support our cause!

2. This is when you were born.

  • 11% of you were born between 1980 and 1995
  • 45% of you were born between 1960 and 1979
  • 43% of you were born between 1940 and 1959
  • and the last 1% of you were born before 1940

We love having a variety of readers since we want to share our message with folks of all ages! Tell your friends, mothers, and daughters to sign up to receive the BlackHer weekly newsletter!

3. Where do BlackHer readers live (our zip code question)?

We are proud to say that folks across the U.S. and even in countries like Canada, are reading BlackHer!

4. What issues are of greatest concern to Black women today?

We asked for the top 3 political and/or economic issues of concern to Black women today. The leading contenders by a margin of over 10 percentage points were:

  • 55% – Good jobs/wages
  • 53% – Affordable Quality Healthcare
  • 47% – Racial Wealth Inequality

5. Your top three sources for news about political and economic issues affecting Black women include:

  • Other – 47%, including BlackHer!
  • Essence -45%
  • The Root – 38%

We are flattered to be in such good company!

6 & 7.  Is there an app for that?

50% of you use mobile apps to get your news and 50% don’t.  We asked because we are thinking about creating a BlackHer app!

8. We were dying to know how you heard about BlackHer. Here’s what you said:

  • Facebook – 28% (Our Facebook page is awesome.  Like it here!)
  • A friend recommended it to me – 16%
  • Other (Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) – 33%

9. We asked what we were doing right? Here are just a few of your thoughtful answers!

  • Getting the word out.
  • Bringing awareness about issues that affect Black women through our lens and sharing a lot of important work that Black women are doing around the country.
  • Focusing on voting rights and empowering Black women.
  • Letting the truth be told.
  • You are reaching out and keeping me and others informed.  You are making us think about issues that concern us.
  • Sharing information and suggesting actions/solutions.

10. We asked what we could do better. Here are some of your thoughts.

  • Spread your work through social media, college campuses and high school campuses in rural areas.
  • Provide more articles on transitioning from one career to another.
  • Get this out to more people.
  • I’d like to see more information about Black female trailblazers in non-traditional fields (not just Silicon Valley)
  • Do more on TV.
  • Market to more women.

Thanks, ladies!  We are working on it!

11. 100% of you said that you would recommend BlackHer to a friend!

Awesome!  While we have your attention, please recommend BlackHer to all of your friends today by sending this link to sign up for the BlackHer Weekly e-newsletter!

Thanks again for participating in our survey!  We loved hearing from you, so there will be more surveys to come!  Also, don’t be surprised if we use some of your awesome answers to drive BlackHer’s content!






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