Vote! Our Lives Depend On It.

I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the NAACP last weekend. The self-described, “oldest, biggest and baddest” civil rights organization in the U.S., continues to focus its members on voting in the 2018 Midterms.

At the NAACP Annual Convention in July, the organization urged its membership to DEFEAT HATE – VOTE!  Now, the NAACP is calling on its 1,000,000 plus members, activists and advocates to “Vote! Our Lives Depend On It.”

Specifically, they’ve developed the Civic Engagement Toolkit: Turn Out 2018 to reach folks in EVERY community.  Download and explore!

Short on time?  We LOVE these videos from comedian, Wanda Sykes, NAACP chief of staff, Eris Sims, and a group of students.  We also LOVE these shareable graphics and tweets. Please SHARE!

Want to do something #ForTheCulture? Encourage 5 people in your network to vote on Nov. 6th — our lives depend on it. #NAACP #Turnout18Click To Tweet

If we increase black voter turnout by 5% we can affect real change. That means our community could receive better resources for our schools, job opportunities, and increased wages. WE must vote on Nov. 6th – our lives depend on it. #NAACP #Turnout18Click To Tweet

Takin’ it to the streets!

In addition to creating and promoting the toolkit, the NAACP is “takin’ it to the streets” by working with some old friends and new.  The goal is to get out the vote in our communities through door-to-door contact, phone banking, and election protection work.  The NAACP leadership has firmed up longstanding alliances with key partner organizations like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (DELTAS!), “a sisterhood of predominantly Black, college-educated women,” our brothers at the 100 Black Men of America and, our lawyers the National Bar Association.  Each of these national organizations is mobilizing its’ membership.  This will broaden the reach of the NAACP’s turnout campaign.  Smart move!  We are all #StrongerTogether.

So, what can you do?

You can absolutely check out the NAACP’s online resources above and here.  You can also take action at any moment sans internet through the “Power of 5!”

As stated at the NAACP board meeting:

  • Take 5 minutes to call 5 folks who are thinking about voting, but who have not yet made up their minds.  If voter registration is still open, persuade them to register to vote!
  • Take 5 more minutes to confirm that 5 other friends have cast early voting ballots.
  • Take 5 people to the polls.
  • Take 5 hours to canvas for a candidate you support.
  • Donate $5, $50, $500, or $5,000 to the candidates of your choice!

Finally, be powerful and influential like a celebrity!  Let them know what you are doing to get out the vote.  The NAACP wants you to photograph yourself in action and tell them about it using the hashtag #Turnout2018

Shout out to NAACP leadership, chair Leon W. Russell, vice chair Karen Boykin-Towns, and president and CEO Derrick Johnson, who are driving the NAACP’s get out the vote efforts and are making us stronger than ever this election.  Their campaigns, online civic engagement toolkits, and social media guides put the power of democracy in the hands of more people. That’s good leadership!  Finally, kudos to Leon, Karen, and Derrick for always reminding us that Black folks and people of color are central to U.S. democracy.  Let’s do this!





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